Equality and Diversity at NewVIc

NewVIc’s mission is to create a successful learning community.  Everything we do is informed by our commitment to our principles:  Ambition, Challenge and Equality.  We respect, value and care for all members of our college community.

Our Equality and Diversity Policy

Our 2016-2020 Equality Objectives

A report on our 2012-2016 Equality Objectives

Our Equality Information can be found below

NewVIc background

We are a large sixth form college located in the London Borough of Newham. Our curriculum is very broad and provides courses at entry level, level 1, level 2 and level 3 across a wide variety of subject areas to meet the needs of a broad range of Newham students.

Our students

These figures are based on our current cohort.  46% are female and 54% male. 61% are of Asian ethnicity, 19% Black, 11% White and 4% Mixed.  21% of our student body disclose having a learning difficulty or disability.  All of the major religions are represented in our student body, with 63% declaring themselves to be Muslim, 19% Christian, 3% Hindu, 2% Sikh.  2% consider themselves to be secular.  We do not currently collect data on sexual orientation.  

Our staff

These figures are based on permanent staff.  46% are teachers, 42% are officers and 14% are managers. 


41% of our staff are male, 59% are female. 

  Male Female Total
Full Time Officers 34 25 59
Part Time Officers 12 39 51
Full Time Teaching 38 38 76
Part Time Teaching 9 40 49
Full Time Managers 17 25 32
Part Time Managers 34 25 59
Total 112 160 272
  Male Female
Full Time Officers 58% 42%
Part Time Officers 24% 76%
Full Time Teaching 50% 50%
Part Time Teaching 21% 79%
Full Time Managers 53% 47%
Part Time Managers 40% 60%

Gender Pay Gap

Gender Grade Median Pay per Hour
Male Managers £25.67
Female Managers £25.50
Male Officers £12.64
Female Officers £13.01
Male Teachers £21.03
Female Teachers £21.03

Gender Reassignment

A group of HR and pastoral staff received training in October 2015 about how to make the college a welcoming and support place for any transgender students or staff.   This is reflected in team Equality Objectives.


  Managers Officers Teachers Totals
17 - 29 2 19 7 28
30 - 39 7 40 38 85
40 - 49 10 20 42 72
50+ 14 42 41 87
Totals 33 111 128 272



17% staff are of Asian ethnicity, 27% Black, 51% White and 2% Mixed.

Officers:  23% are Asian,  29% Black, 43% White and 2.5% Mixed.

Teachers: 14% are Asian, 27% Black, 54% White and .75% Mixed

Managers: 11% are Asian, 11% Black; 72% White and 2.7% Mixed



5.5% of our staff have disclosed a learning difficulty or disability. 

Religion (includes fixed term staff as well as permanent)

We only have data for 54% of staff and this is addressed in our equality objectives 2016-2020.  Current data shows 16% are Christian, 11% are Muslim, and 9% are secular, with other religions represented in small numbers.

Sexual Orientation

We only have data for 71% of staff and this is addressed in our equality objectives 2016-2020.  1.5% have disclosed they are gay or lesbian; 5% prefer not to say.   

Grievance and Dismissal

It is not possible to report on this for data protection reasons.

Return to Work after Maternity Leave

Our return to work rate was 94% for the 16 staff who took maternity leave during the period of October 2014-October 2015.

Complaints about discrimination

All complaints are thoroughly investigated; no complaints about equality discrimination have been upheld between October 2014 and October 2015.


Staff and students were consulted in the process of developing a new Equality and Diversity policy in 2015, including the student LGTB group.  A Student Council activity on equality and diversity took place in October 2015.  A focus group for Black and Ethnic Minority staff was held in autumn 2015 and reported on to the Equality and Diversity Committee.


Respect in the Workplace (teaching and support staff - on training days 2014-2015)
Hidden Disabilities (managers - July 2014)
Equality and Diversity update (senior leadership team - January 2015)
Equality and Diversity in the curriculum (senior leadership team – February 2015)
Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) reforms (teaching and support staff - February 2015)
Managing Disability in the workplace (managers - April 2015)
Impact Assessments (managers - May 2015)
Equality and Diversity (support staff - on training days 2015-2016)
Equality and Diversity briefing (Student Union - September 2015)
Transgender (HR & pastoral staff October 2015)
Equality Objectives (managers - December 2015)

If you have any queries on NewVIc’s approach to equality and diversity, please in the first instance contact the college’s Director of Student Services, Tracy Oko (tracy.oko@newvic.ac.uk).