NewVIc’s Nrich Fair an outstanding success

NewVIc Student Union at the Nrich Fair

NewVIc held the second Nrich Fair of the academic year on Monday 9 January, which saw fantastic levels of engagement and participation by students.

The College is keen to encourage students to look at a wide range of different interests from volunteering to performing. The long list of possibilities also includes joining the Sports Academy, a popular chess club and NewVIc’s debating society.

Kate Reed and students at the Nrich Fair

Kate Reed, Student Development Manager says: “We had another successful Nrich (Fresher’s) fair where all our students had the opportunity to sign up to over 20 exciting weekly enrichment projects.  We run fairs in both September and January so that students get the opportunity to participate in something new. 

“We have a fantastic programme of Student Development and enrichment opportunities which supports student’s learning , develops their leadership, employability, creative and critical thinking skills, enhances their wellbeing, broadens their experiences and helps them to stand out from the crowd when applying to universities and for jobs.”

NewVIc Student Union at the Nrich Fair

Partners like the Raleigh International, Plaistow Youth Market and NCS - The Challenge came along to get our students involved in their projects.

NewVIc students selling popcorn to raise money for Raleigh International

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