NewVIc Performing Arts and Music

A day in the life of a performing arts teacher

Last week second year Performing Arts students got a chance to find out how it feels to be a teacher. They spent the term studying community theatre and devised a dance performance and drama workshop aimed at year 9 and 10 drama students.

Students were responsible for contacting the schools, arranging schedules and planning and facilitating workshops. Last week all the planning and preparations were finally put to the test when they delivered workshops to year 9s and 10s at Lister, Royal Docks and Eastlea schools.

Performing Arts students perform

Students also facilitated workshops with NewVIc Level 1 Performing Arts students. The end product was a highly physical performance exploring journeys and migration, accompanied by a polished and professional devising workshop. 

Ayana Shiral and Adam Zing, Year 9 pupils at Lister Community School said: “It was really fun and we all enjoyed it.” Adam added: “I really liked the performance and I feel inspired to study Performing Arts .”  

Uchenna Ozurumba, Performing and Production Arts student at NewVIc, said: “This whole experience has enhanced my leadership skills and has also taught me how to take on a teaching role. The feedback we got from the schools gave me confidence that we were actually helping students with their GCSE Drama course .”

Sean Donnelly, Performing and Production Arts student at NewVIc, said:  “I found this a very interesting and fun project to take part in. It really helped me to develop my presentation skills and gave me insight in to what teaching is really like. As I want to become a drama teacher, this project gave me a platform to practise what I will have to do when I am a teacher. It was such a great experience to work with such talented and mature secondary school students and an experience I will remember forever. I can’t wait until we take our next show ‘Long Road to London’ into schools in March.”

Ailsa McPhee, a teacher at Eastlea Community School said: “I was blown away with the quality of both the performance and the workshop.  My year 10s really surprised me . Thanks to you and the performers. Awesome work - really inspiring .”