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British Values

We prepare our students for life in modern Britain by developing an understanding of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs. 

We are dedicated to promoting these values which ensure that our students develop a strong sense of social and moral responsibility. British values underpin our college structures and are promoted through the tutorial programme, the curriculum, and our enrichment activities. All students will have the opportunity to discuss British values and how these apply to college life and modern Britain. All students will have the opportunity on progressing from NewVIc to reflect on how the college has prepared them for life in modern Britain. 

Our students have produced their own version of the ‘Mannequin Challenge’, dedicated to promoting British Values:


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The winning designs from our British Values poster competition for students


Winning British Values Poster

Newvic sixth form college

Runner-up British Values Poster

british values

Runner-up British Values Poster


The college promotes the value of democracy through core tutorial activities and encouragement for all students to engage in democratic processes through our representative structures such as Student Council, Student Exec elections and student surveys. Students are actively encouraged to participate in local government structures such as Newham Young Mayor elections as well as national elections.  Examples include voter registration drives, "You Said, We Did" feedback mechanisms, London Mayor and GLA election events, EU referendum events, Jack Petchey awards, and Model United Nations debating.  In March 2017, 47% of students voted in our Student Union elections, a new record for NewVIc. In March 2018, we had the second largest number of students voting in our SU elections in our college since we have been running SU elections at NewVIc,  We consistently have one of the highest proportional numbers of votes in the country, well over the national average..

Rule of Law

We expect all our students to have respect for the law and to become law-abiding citizens who are accountable for their behaviour. The college has a Code of Conduct and rules, with which all students must comply. This helps students to develop and understand the need for a cohesive society to abide by laws and to distinguish between right from wrong. This is supported by a learning and behaviour process and students can receive support from college staff to amend their behaviour. Our Youth Safety Workers support the development of positive behaviours and liaise closely with local police and other agencies to support young people. Examples of how the rule of law is experienced by and promoted to students at NewVIc include wearing of ID badges, workshops on sexting, safeguarding awareness, tutorials on forced marriage, disciplinary and appeal processes and “Life not Knife” events.

Individual Liberty

Our promotion of individual liberty within the law begins at induction, looking at what freedom of expression means within the college's equality and diversity policy. We explore rights and responsibilities, including women's rights, through tutorial activities so that all students have the opportunity to consider what individual liberty means for them and for all members of society. We provide information for students on topics such as forced marriage, e-safety, keeping themselves safe from extremism, and anti-bullying through tutorials, poster campaigns, and external speaker events. All students are supported and encouraged to make informed choices regarding their own lifestyle and future progression pathways.  Examples of how individual liberty is experienced by and promoted to students include Female Genital Mutilation tutorials and events, LGTB group and events, International Women's Day, and Debating Society.

Mutual Respect and Tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs

We promote the importance of mutual respect through our Code of Conduct and Equality and Diversity Policy. These are a key part of the student’s induction process. The college actively promotes diversity and through tutorial activities helps all students to develop tolerance and respect. Examples of how individual liberty is experienced by and promoted to students include Holocaust Memorial tutorials and events, Reflection & Faith room committee, mental health and well-being week, Black History month and participation in the Active Citizens FE “Talk about Respect” project, funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.