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Freedom of Expression

NewVIc is a learning community and we encourage all members of the community to adopt a critical and questioning approach, to engage in mutually respectful dialogue with others and learn about different views.

This approach is reflected in the code of conduct which students sign up to when they enrol and in the equality objectives which ensure that students and staff are actively involved in equality and diversity initiatives. Our students and staff also have a duty to behave responsibly and to respect other people's rights.

NewVIc is committed to freedom of expression within the law. We have a duty as a public sector body to protect health, morals, rights and reputations of other people and prevent disorder or crime. This means that we place restrictions on speakers and organisations who wish to visit NewVIc.

We will not provide a platform for any speaker or organisation we consider represents or is likely to advocate violence, religious hatred, or racist, sexist or homophobic views, which are contrary to our equality and diversity policy and likely to be unlawful. We take seriously our duty to protect the safety and wellbeing of our students, which includes protecting them where we consider necessary from activities and links with organisations that may endanger themselves and others. We are mindful of our responsibilities under the Prevent Duty regarding protecting students from radicalisation and extremism, under safeguarding and child protection legislation and under the Equality Act.