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What do Governors do?

Like all Sixth Form Colleges, NewVIc has a board of governors whose role is to oversee the strategic direction of the College. This board is called the Corporation.

Governors appoint senior staff who are responsible for running the College on a day-to-day basis. Governors also:

  • determine the College mission
  • approve key policies and strategic plans
  • approve the quality strategy
  • ensure that the College obtains the views of staff and students
  • ensure the College remains solvent, protecting public funds and assets
  • approve the annual budget
  • set a framework for staff pay and conditions.

Governors are volunteers, drawn from a range of backgrounds including business, local government and education. The Principal is a member of the Corporation and there are representatives elected from staff and students.

The Corporation meets six times a year.


The Corporation has three committees:

  • Audit and Scrutiny Committee - advising on the audit and internal control systems of the College

  • Governance and Search Committee - advising on membership, training and self-assessment of the board of governors.

  • Remuneration Committee - advising on the pay and performance of designated senior staff.

The Corporation also appoints temporary groups of Members from time to time to work on key strategic issues.

Link Governors

Each governor also has a specific link role which enables them to meet with staff, and monitor and support particular areas of College work.

We are looking for new Governors - could this be you?

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