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A Levels & Subsidiary Diplomas

If you meet our entry requirements, you can select from our wide range of A Levels and L3 Certificates. If you intend to progress to a very selective university or course, you may need to study specific subjects. We can advise you about this in your interview. To ensure that you can cope with the workload involved with A Levels and L3 Certificates, your average GCSE point score will be taken into account.

  • If you have an average point score between 5.0 > 5.2 we would guide your selection of A Levels and L3 Certificates from an appropriate range of subjects.
  • If you have an average point score between 5.3 > 5.9 you will normally be offered 3 A Levels.
  • You will need an average point score between 6.0 > 6.9 to study STEM A Level subjects (including Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics.)
  • If you have an average point score above 7+ you can study up to 4 A Levels.
  • In addition to these requirements, some subjects also have specific entry requirements, for example, A Level Mathematics students must achieve a minimum of a grade 7 in GCSE Mathematics.
  • Certain A Level subjects are more challenging than others and therefore require higher overall achievement at GCSE. These subjects include Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, Further Mathematics, Mathematics, Philosophy, Physics, and Statistics.