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Exam survival Tip #3



Dissect the question


  • Look at past exam papers. What is the question asking for? Describe, summarise, evaluate … what do you need to do? How does it link to your course work? Practice by breaking it up in bite size chunks. And, answer each part of the question. 
  • Briefly plan your answers before you start attempting to write the answer. Adapt the information to what you’ve learned and match the question to what you’ve learnt.
  • Test yourself by practise writing your answers. Now for the hard work. With technology these days no one writes for long periods of time. So sit down and start writing, non-stop for an hour or so. Build up the muscles in your hand and arm in preparation for the exam. Each time you write it down, you’ll learn something. Test yourself to make sure you spend the right amount of time on each section.