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Exam survival Tip #4




Don’t stress


  • Start now.  Have a plan and stick to it. Don’t leave it all to the last minute.  You need to breathe (6 counts in 6 counts out).  You need time and space to absorb the information.  Get up and get the revision done early. Reward yourself for a good study session. 
  • Organise your study space.  Make sure you have enough space to spread text books and notes out.  It’s important that you feel comfortable and focused.  Make notes.  Stick them on the wall.  Summarise them.  Make study cards.  Tell your family and friends that you need uninterrupted time to study.
  • Allow yourself some fun time each day.  Get some exercise as oxygen in your blood is good for your brain and well-being.  Relax and make sure you get a good eight hours of sleep each night. 

It is really important to keep stress levels down and be the best you can.  You’ll be glad you did it.