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Exam survival Tip #5




Work out

We’ve touched on some of these points earlier and we’ve added to them.

  • This may sound weird.  Just reading doesn’t always sink in.  You need to put it to memory.   Make notes.  Summarise them.  Make study cards to go through when you’re out and about or waiting for the bus.  Test yourself as you go along and make mental notes and images to remember them by.
  • What to revise?  Make sure you don’t just revise the subjects and topics you like. Work on your weak ones as well.  Find out as much as possible about your exam from your teacher. Write down when your exam is, how long it is, the format, how many questions, multiple choice and what the proportion the exam marks will be for you.  
  • Practice, practice, practice writing your answers out with your favourite pen.  Build up those hand muscles and sharpen your answers.

You don’t have to have it all figured out before you start, just take the next step and stick to your daily revision plan.  Get up and get it done - kick back and have fun in the afternoon – then revisit it just before bed.