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Exam survival Tip #7



The night before


The night before the exam is critical.  It is different to the rest of your revision. You need to get in the right head space and put everything that you have learnt to bed.   After all you’ve put in the work so you know that you can do it. 

  1. Check the date, start time for the exam and the location.  Make sure you know how to get there.
  2. Stop revision by 4pm the night before so you can have some time out.  After all you’ve been revising for a month now so you know it all.
  3. Pack your bag.   Make sure you have the materials you need for your exam (a few of your favourite pens, a ruler and calculator) check what is required for the exam and permitted in the room.  Leave your notes in your bag.  Make sure you have your watch, enough water, a pack of tissues, a sandwich or some snacks in case you get hungry.   
  4. Go to bed early to sleep well.  Set your alarm to get up early.  Eat a good breakfast.  Hydrate and stay away from coffee.

You’ve done the work so believe in yourself and the goals that you set.  You’ve planned for success so you’re good to go.