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Application Form

Please note, if you are apply for a Vice Principal position - please apply via the AOC website or click the below links for more information:

Vice Principal – Finance and Operations

Vice Principal – Student Achievement and Progress

Please read the job description and the person specification carefully. Consider the extent to which you meet the person specification, and how you will illustrate this in your application. You can include all relevant experience, including voluntary work.

We appreciate that if you are applying for your first post, you may have limited direct experience of some aspects of the work. This should not stop you from applying as long as you feel that overall you can show that you meet the criteria for the post.

When we draw up a longlist of candidates, we select those who most closely match the person specification. Unfortunately, we often receive applications where the candidate has not taken this into account. It is rare for these candidates to be longlisted.

You should give evidence of how you meet the criteria - please don't just quote them. You can write a paragraph on each requirement in turn, showing how you meet it. However, this might restrict your ability to present yourself as you wish. You may, therefore, organise your supporting statement more freely, while still considering the criteria. Your application may be word-processed or handwritten. Good presentation and accurate expression are expected.

Your supporting statement should strictly be no more than 1,200 words.