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NewVIc students campaign for peace

On Tuesday 9 May, Health and Social Care students at Newham Sixth Form College ran a campaign for their fellow students to show their opposition to extremism and to promote peace, unity, freedom and equality.

Led by their lecturer, Emma Wood, the students organised a range of activities around the college including information stalls and activities, a labels wall where a video booth where students could record their views and feelings about extremism. The finishing touch to the day was a piece of ‘crowd art’ where the students arranged themselves into a human peace sign in the college’s gym.

Asked what motivated the students to launch the campaign, Emma said: “My students are very knowledgeable about current affairs and, as young people, have a positive message for the world. They are keen to express themselves and to speak up about the things that give them cause for concern.

“I’m very proud of the way they have worked as a team to spark ideas from each other. They are incredibly clued-up and want to ensure that their generation are the ones that will make a difference and stop the negativity that pulls people apart.”

One of the biggest successes of the day was the video booth – where students were able to put across their message in their own way:

Habib Rahman, 18, from Barking said: “Peace is a complicated issue – there is no simple answer it is about achieving compromise and understanding”.

Amyla Khan, 17 from East Ham said: "Freedom is not being judged"