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Meet our experts: Asher Hoyles

Asher Hoyles is a learning support practitioner at NewVIc and also runs poetry workshops in schools, colleges and prisons, as well as teaching performance poetry for the last 16 years at Clean Break Theatre Company in Kentish Town, north-west London.
Asher recently performed poems from her new book: Raise Up the Low, Bring Down the Mighty: Performance Poetry, for NewVIc students as part of National Literacy Day and has also previously performed at Glastonbury and Westminster Abbey.

We interviewed Asher to find out more about her thoughts on working at NewVIc and why having an extensive enrichment programme is important for students.

On work-life

“The support across the college is phenomenal and makes you feel so glad to be part of the NewVIc community.  It’s a huge privilege to say that I work and support students in a college that remains inclusive. This means a lot for me, especially as a dyslexic member of staff.”

On her career at the college

“I have worked at NewVIc for over 20 years now. What makes my job so enjoyable are the students and the many opportunities to continue my professional development.  There is such a strong culture of learning here; everyone is focussed on expanding their knowledge”

On student support and development

“My ambition continues to be to draw from my own areas of interest and expertise to help the students achieve their goals and grow in self-confidence.  As a dyslexic author and poet, I want to inspire students that anything is possible with passion and determination.”

On enrichment opportunities

“It is wonderful to work in a college that is always seeking to find new ways to extend the educational enrichment experience for all students. This is so important for them to become well-rounded and skilled individuals.  Students learn so much about the wider world. Whether it’s through performing arts, subject related trips, guest lectures or even campaigns such as Pride Festival and Black History Month; it’s great to be able to support all of these activities alongside other staff and students who have the same passion and goals.”


Asher Hoyles brings poetry to you that is funny, moving, honest and true. I hear years of tradition meeting the modern and the relevant, passion and the voice of a woman who is in love with an art form. Her poems make me feel educated, cultured, alive and loved.

Benjamin Zephaniah
Poet, Playwright & Author (The Times listed 'Top 50 post-war writers')



We Living Too Long!

The government has brought it to our attention

Dat we got to put more money in a we pension

So de people dem a question

How the government draw dat conclusion

For when we working too long

We want kick back and relax

But you living too long

Dem can mek a money out a dat

So they’re rooting for the people

To work until dem drop

And wid de money dat dem save

They can bridge de debt gap

Dat is legitimizing tiefing

The people won’t accept dat

You gwine see how de people feel

When everyting stop

No bus, no train, no school, no shop

People need de money

But everyting stop

For we a run de programme

Dem done forget dat

Catch we left, right and centre

Wid pay freeze and VAT

So a beg you wid we pension

Keep your dity hands of a dat

For we nar bruck back

To pay off the banks

No thanks

No thanks

No thanks

No thanks!