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Newvic Students and Teacher Awards

NewVIc students; Otto Bolton, Nadia Begum, Sheikh Kamrul Waine Moeun, Ebony Taylor West Amina Mussin, Barbara Figur, Dwayne Morgan, Konstantina Pappa and staff member Isa Ijale, the Program Team Manager for Sport and Tourism were congratulated and presented with Achievement Awards Medallions at the Jack Petchey Award Ceremony in front of friends and family.

Almost 2,000 schools, colleges and youth organisations throughout London and Essex offer the scheme which rewards recognises initiative. Nominations and the selection processes are led by the young people within colleges and other organisations.

Student Development Manager, Kate Reed, said: ‘‘the awards ceremony was a fantastic evening celebrating the achievements of students throughout Newham. It made me feel really proud to see NewVIc students on stage receiving their medals and hearing all the wonderful and greatly deserved reasons why they achieved their awards.”

Winners also received a certificate, membership of the JPF Achievers community and £250. This was spent on something of their choice that benefitted students at NewVIc. This included sports kit for Ability Counts ambassadors, college trips and equipment for students with learning disabilities, equipment for Code Club, cutlery for the skills centre, iPad apps for the skills centre to help dyslexic students.

Staff winner, Isa said ‘’It was good to celebrate with students who deserved all the credit they got at the award ceremony’’.

Students who were presented with awards:

Otto Bolton

Reason for award: Otto has shown real dedication in gaining his coaching qualifications and going above and beyond in his hours of volunteering coaching kids in the community.  Whilst achieving his qualifications, Otto chose to volunteer twice every week.  Throughout the sessions Otto's confidence improved dramatically.  He helped organise and run a sports day for a Curwen primary school, which was extremely successful and after attaining the 30 hours of volunteering he needed for his coaching qualifications he then chose to keep volunteering in the park every weekday throughout the summer holidays, committing an additional 80 hours of volunteering!! On top of this, Otto was in the NewVIc Men's Football 2nd Team and the Athletics Team, committing to 2 additional training sessions per week, supporting his team throughout and always ready to help the coaches. In September 2016 Otto applied to be part of the London FA Youth Advisory group, and up against competition from the whole of the capital, was successfully selected to be one of just 10 young advisors to the London FA, acting as a council for consultation & putting in place the London FA Youth development plan over the coming 12 months.

Sheikh Kamrul

Reason for award: Sheikh is an outstanding role model and inspiration to others.  He is always determined to do his best and inspires others with his courage and strength of character. Sheikh came to the college to do a level 1 foundation course and progressed to level 2 and finally this year level 3. Sheikh struggles with his speech as he has a bad stammer but he never lets that get in the way and knows that he has the right to speak as much as anyone else.  He is determined to not let his stammer get in his way and he encourages others with his determination and helpful attitude.

Ebony Taylor-West

Reason for award: Ebony was given this award for strong dedication and leadership in performing arts, particularly in Dance. She has shown great commitment to NewVic Dance Company, NewVic’s flagship dance group and has demonstrated excellent performance ability, talent and technique in a variety of shows.  Committed to improving her performance quality and choreographic ability, she has shown leadership skills through the disciplined approach she has to dance-making, performance projects and also through the guidance and ideas she offers to peers. She is a great example of a hardworking student with numerous creative goals and bright prospects and she definitely deserves the award for her outstanding efd achievements.

Barbara Figur

Reason for award: Barbara is one of our Entry Level students she won the award for showing great support to her peers and others.  She was nominated for this award for being extremely helpful and supportive to her peers and staff. She is a Student Council representative and a Sports Ambassador. Both of these roles involve supporting her peers and taking a leadership role.

Waine Moeun

Reason for award: Waine won this award for starting Coding Club.  Waine set up one of our first student led enrichment clubs and because of its success has set a precedent for other student led clubs.   He helped to build code club into a very successful enrichment activity and supported students understanding of software development.  He also led the Code Club team to support college events; setting up interesting and fun activities that have enhanced these events.  In addition he was nominated for his voluntary work as Technician with the ICT team whilst a replacement was sourced. 

Amina Muhidin

Reason for award: Amina is another of our entry level students.  She won her award for showing outstanding dedication and leadership in student voice activities’.  She was nominated for this award for taking her role as a student councillor seriously, for behaving in a responsible manner and for always looking to bring benefit to others.  Also for doing presentations to the class , answering questions and participating in lots of activities that the college has to offer.

Dwayne Morgan

Reason for award: Dwayne won this award for showing courage and determination to achieve his best in the face of adversity. He was nominated for this award for being a diligent and mature student with a clear resolve to do well at college and progress to university despite facing a series of challenging personal circumstances.  However Dwayne takes life’s challenges on and has a positive spirit and clear desire to advance.  He has a good record of attendance and punctuality as well as maintaining a part time job.  His warm nature and excellent interpersonal skills were recognised by his peers when he was nominated to represent his tutor group on the student council during his A/S year.  He has taken part on many extracurricular activities which have enabled him to advance his knowledge and understanding.  All his teachers have commented him on his high level of maturity and his hard-working nature.

Konstantina Pappa

Reason for award: Konstantina won her award for showing dedication and hard work during her work experience. She was nominated for this award for performing extremely well on her work experience placement at John Lewis. Her attendance and punctuality was perfect and her supervisor had nothing but praise for her saying that she carried out all the tasks assigned to her to a very high standard and that she was hardworking and confident and polite with customers.  She was a great ambassador for NewVIc as due to how successful her placement was John Lewis has offered other placements to NewVIc students.

Nadia Begum

Reason for award: Nadia won this award for being dedicated and helpful and for her hard work in college and the community.  This includes her work with East London NHS trust, Plaistow South Big Local and as an ambassador and Student Union Executive Officer at the college.  

Program Team Manager for Sport and Tourism; Isa Ijale

A student said Isa is 'one of the best teachers at the college'. He is a firm but fair teacher who makes students work hard, helping them to push themselves in order to reach their full potential. His lessons are always really well planned and he uses unique and interactive teaching methods which make his classes really interesting. He gave up his time on Saturdays to run extra classes we were well prepared. He is a caring teacher who always seems to have time to listen, help and support students when they are going through a tough time.

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