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Student in the Spotlight

Read about our amazing students and celebrate their success with us:

Mohima Khan

Mohima finished her studies in Medical Science (Applied Science) Level 3, Extended Diploma and was the President of NewVIc’s Student Union.

Mohima finished her studies in Medical Science (Applied Science) Level 3, Extended Diploma and was the President of NewVIc’s Student Union.  

 “Mohima has a very open and engaging manner which encourages positive dialogue with students, staff and governors. She has been an excellent student union president. She listens to students’ views and represents them effectively in many different settings. As a student governor, she speaks up for students and contributes regularly at college governing body meetings.”

“Mohima also spoke with me to prospective students and parents at our recent open day. She communicated a very positive and welcoming message based on her experience and she did it in a very natural and articulate way… excellent ambassador for the college and its students.”
Eddie Playfair – Principal, Newham Sixth Form College (NewVIc)

How would you describe yourself in three words? Enthusiastic, fun and confident

What are you studying? And what drove you to pick this course/ these subjects?
Applied Medical Science, I chose it because I enjoyed studying it at school. My teachers played a big role in making science fun to study.  The teachers always had imaginative ways to teach us new topics and expand our thinking about science. They would bring ideas that weren’t typical and I found it fascinating. When I left I wanted to learn more.

What are your dreams and aspirations? Have you tackled any hurdles, setbacks or/and overcomes challenges that have affected what you want to do?
I want to go in to paramedics.  To begin with I was doing A-levels in the sciences I found it challenging. I wasn’t good with exams and the timing of the tests.  I found and an alternative course, which enabled me to do my best and still get into paramedics.   There was a lot of course work but a managed to keep up with it and passed my Level 3 Extended Diploma Applied Science with two distinctions and a merit.   

What made you choose NewVIc?
I chose NewVIc College because of the opportunities here. In other colleges there is focus on students with the best grades but here I feel everyone is given the same opportunities as those students and there are lots of extra curriculum enrichment activities to try out new things.

How have your teachers and tutors supported you in your studies and aspirations? What role has NewVIc played in your journey?
The teachers at NewVIc always helped me and push me to my limits.  They saw my potential and made sure that I reached it.  They have helped build my confidence and I feel they encourage me to be the best I can be.

Have you used any of the services here for example counselling, skills centres, welfare support, enrichment, the sports academy, leadership academy etc?  How have these enriched you as a person?
I was involved in the Sports Academy, I played football and I really enjoyed it.  I also fundraised through the student union for two of my favourite charities, which are Water Aid and Save the Children.

You were president of the student union, could you tell me a little about that?
As president I went to the College Governor’s meetings to voice the views of students as part of the democratic process.  At a student summit there was an anti-bullying questionnaire sent out, asking students what they think are the major causes of bullying. The result showed that a high level of students felt that racism was to blame for bullying, so we looked into different areas including a debate on the effects of BREXIT on the College.

What are your future career plans/goals?  
University!  I want to go to St.George’s University Hospital to study Paramedic Science. I would also like to take a year out, before I start my career and do something different like travel or be an air hostess.

What is your advice for students who are considering coming to NewVIc?
Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions… oh and take part in all opportunities and enrichment activities as you’ll experience new things! Things that you love doing.

And what advice would you give current students?
I’d say push yourself and don’t ever give up!  Failure only happens when you give up.  There are times when studying can feel like a drag, but you have to keep going. I’d say again take part in all opportunities, one example is when NewVic had the St. John’s Ambulance team come down to give a talk to students. After their talk, I went and spoke to them and now I have become a volunteer.   I now go to events with them to volunteer and this work experience will help with my application for St George’s Medical School.

So what’s next?
Now that I have good grades, I am applying for University.

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