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Student in the Spotlight

Read about our amazing students and celebrate their success with us:

Hanson Fernandes

Hanson joined NewVIc from Goa in 2016.  Read about his journey and find out how NewVIc helped him to achieve.

Hanson Fernando

Former BTEC Level 3 Business student awarded a Triple Distinction who is now studying Information Management for Business at University College London.

Hanson has been an inspiration to both teachers and fellow students, born in Goa, India, Hanson arrived in London in 2015 and attained a B in Maths and a respectable C in English. Always helping others, most memorably he hosted the French exchange students around the college and organising their tour of central London.  Malika Saadaoui from Lycée Romain Rolland said while talking about her London experience ‘’….We particularly appreciated the student Hanson Fernandes who was so nice and helpful during our tour of London.’’

How would you describe yourself in three words Hanson? Hardworking, passionate and positive

What drove you to pick this course? I have always enjoyed business studies, business is linked to human resources, and I love human resources.  I also love to debate which is why I like business law. I would like to make workplaces better for workers.

What are your dreams and aspirations? I have come from another country, so it has been a bit difficult adapting to another culture. I hope to be happy and satisfied in a couple of years, do well in my studies, make my parents happy and have my own family.

Have you tackled any hurdles, setbacks or/and overcomes challenges that have affected what you want to do? When I came to this country from Goa, I didn’t know anyone here. I came with my brother.  I did not come with my parents. I live in a rented two bedroom flat it was hard finding a college, and I had to work part time to cope with the rent, so I had to quickly learn to adapt to a new country. Making friends when I came and adjusting to the time difference between Goa and England were also challenges I faced.

What made you choose NewVic? When I came to this country I didn’t know about colleges, if I’m honest my brother choose the college and I think he made the right choice. I’m happy to be here it’s been the best move for me coming to London. Everyone accepted me the way I was and I adapted well. The college has really supported me in so many ways, through projects, courses, sports and mentoring. I’m really happy I’m here. 

How have your teachers and tutors supported you in your studies and aspirations? What role has New Vic played in your journey? The teachers have played a major role in motivating me to study, because it is more than what you do at home, it’s about how you feel about learning a subject in school, because of them every time I go into a class I feel passionate and motivated. Each teacher is involved with an individual trip or a project. They help me every step of the way inside or outside on trips. They don’t just tell me I am good enough, they push me to do well, so I can do better and better and better.

Have you used any of the services here i.e. counselling, skills centres, welfare support, enrichment -sports academy, leadership academy, Student Union member etc? How have these enriched you as a person? I am a Student Union councillor and have been for the two years running. I represent and help my class because I am the link. This year I am applying or the Student Union marketing position.

I am not part of the Sport love to play cricket Tuesday lunch time and whenever I am free I play table tennis.  

Having achieved, could you tell me a little about that? How did you get involved with this? How did u get involved with student union? Steven Kern said I would be good coz I am responsible, I think I am doing well as I have made a difference to trips, making lessons more fun. I try to motivate students to go on trips like one that is planned for Germany

What are your future career plans/goals?  Right now I would like to go a good University; I want to go to a Russell group university, like Glasgow, Queen Mary or Kings College I would like to progress either into Business law or Human resources. Later on get some good experience then move to India, Bangalore or America get into a good company

You are pursuing a place on the Rayleigh programme with Steven? What is this about? What’s the purpose?  Rayleigh International are a charity organising volunteering opportunities. They are working closely with the college and Steven Kern, the Youth Activity Worker.  We have been given the opportunity to apply for this great international charity, where you can choose to help local communities in five countries including Costa Rica, Nepal and Tanzania…you can live like the locals, build taps and help with sanitation. For example in Nepal, you can help rebuild houses after the devastating earthquake that hit it.

We are raising £800 I have raised £120. On 17 April I will be attending a 4 day selection camp in Yorkshire to see my capabilities. Once I have been selected I will start to officially step-up the fundraising.

So far I have raised money through the Plaistow youth market and I became a member last year. We have another stall on the 16 March Greenway; NewVIc college is doing really well at these events.

What is your advice for students who are considering coming to NewVIc? Honestly when you are here you realise how good the college is. NewVic is a good place to develop your skills to bring out the best in you, this college gives you a second chance. I feel I made the right decision staying here.

So whats next for you now? Short term I want to get my distinctions and meet all my deadlines, long term I want to go to Russell Group University

If you feel inspired by Hanson Anthony Fernando please get in contact by clicking on the links for more information