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Claudio Cabulo

Former Student Claudio Cabulo completed his BTEC National in Art and Design in 2009,  he then began a BA (Hons) in Architecture space and objects at Central St. Martins, he is currently studying for a Masters degree at London South Bank University . His passion to be an architect has led him to work with the award winning architect, Simone de Gale, the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust and PRP Architects where his interior designs are currently being built in Stratford City, London.  Returning to his foundations to mentor current NewVIc students, Claudio takes time out to tell us about his progress

Can you tell me about how you decided to be an architect?  Born in Angola, I moved here at a young age.  I remember at school I was told by a career advisor I would not be able to become architect, I thought ‘why can’t I?’  It was from that point I made a decision and focused on achieving my goal. I became determined.

What made you apply for a place at Central St.Martin? Well NewVIc and other colleges at that time worked alongside Central St. Martins.  A select number of students were chosen and set projects at the university. It really helped my confidence and so I felt encouraged to apply for a place on a course there. The project work I completed on the placement really helped me during the initial interview stage. This led me to gain a university place

How would you describe the college in three words?  Nurturing, inspiring and influential.  

How has NewVIc helped your career?  My experience at NewVIc definitely influenced the vision I had set for myself. NewVic helped me grow and I’m now back at NewVIc to help others voluntarily.

I have had challenges and it hasn’t been easy but I have learnt to balance my mind and my feeling to control myself, which has really helped me progress.

Lisa Parkhomchuk now NewVIc’s Associate Principal, was my tutor and she invested her time in me, she believed in me, and now I am using those same skills to mentor NewVIc students preparing for university interviews

What are your plans now?  My specialism is Architecture but I am interested in all areas of design. I do not limit myself.  I have the ambition to grow my own company, called "Design House"

I would also like to teach and mentor others that have talent and ambition but need guidance so they can confidently pursue their dreams.