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Emmanuel Sosanya

Emmanuel Sosanya

Former Student Emmanuel Sosanya studied for BTEC level 3 in Sport Development, Coaching and Fitness. He is currently studying a BSc in Sports Therapy at the University of East London. Progressing in both his studies and training to compete in athletics, our future Olympian hopes to win a medal at the 2020 Games. 

Can you start by telling us a little more about yourself, before you came to NewVIc?
"I live in Dagenham. I went to Valence Primary School and Eastbrook Comprehensive School, both schools are based in the borough of Barking and Dagenham. Later I travelled to Newham to study at NewVIc college."

When did you decide you wanted to study sport and be an athlete? 
"I think it was around the time that I finished secondary school in year 11. I wanted to excel in sports, but knew I would always need an education to fall back on. NewVIc gave me a great understanding of sport, so that it concreted my goals which led me to study further and continue challenging my mind."

When did you discover you had this talent?
"I always knew I had ability but I didn't know how good I was until I was recognised for the gifted and talented programme at NewVIc."

What made you come to NewVIc?
"I came to NewVIc to study outside Barking and Dagenham but I didn't want to travel too far. I heard about NewVIc through friends who studied at the college.  The college was also very close to my athletics club which was convenient for me to travel from college to training."

How would you describe yourself before you came to NewVIc? and how would you describe yourself when you left?  
"When I came to NewVIc I wasn't as confident as I am now, I didn't believe in myself.  Now since going to NewVIc my confidence has improved a lot, I now believe in my ability and I always trust myself and that everything will go well."

How did you find the teaching at NewVIc?
"Very good, the teachers always believed in me and they pushed me to do my best. I remember we were given extra work which was beneficial to us, I didn’t realise it at the time but it challenged us in a way that would prepare us for university."

Do you have any fond memories of NewVIc? 
"My memories from NewVIc are bantering with all my friends during break times, visiting the sports office regularly to do coursework. I also remember the amazing support from staff."

Do you have any advice for anyone that would like to become a national class athlete? 
"My advice for those wanting to become a national athlete is always give it everything you have got, believe in yourself. Trust your training and your coaches. Lastly, always be thankful and grateful to those that are supporting you."

What motivates you? 
"Picturing myself succeeding and achieving my goal motivates me. Also seeing my friends and training partners achieve their goals encourages me to achieve mine."

How often do you train?
"I train 4 days a week, having 5 sessions. Training includes track session, gym sessions and strengthening and conditioning.  Training and studying is a challenge that I battle at, but I always remind myself why I am doing it and where I want to be."

Emmanuel on the starting line

Do you have a favourite quote? 
"I wouldn't say I have a favourite quote but I always say to myself 'Have faith and trust the process'. "

What do you aim to next? Your goals and future plans? 
"This year I am aiming for the European Junior Athletics Championships and for the future I will be aiming for all championships and competitions open to me with the long term goal of becoming an Olympian and winning an Olympic medal."