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Mission Statement

Our Mission: To create a successful learning community

NewVIc Principles:

Everything that we do in the college community is informed by our commitment to:

Ambition: We have the highest expectations of ourselves and our students

  • We are absolutely focused on improving the student experience
  • We have high expectations for students and a commitment to excellence
  • We set high professional standards for all staff

Challenge: We aim consistently for excellence and we are accountable to each other for our work and behaviours

  • We are constantly seeking to improve
  • We all work, as a team, for the success of the NewVIc community
  • We expect everyone to be reliable and positive and to act in accordance with NewVIc’s principles and procedures

Equality: We respect, value and care for all members of our community  

  • We value equality, diversity and inclusivity and treat people with respect and fairness
  • We recognise and value everyone’s contribution to our college community
  • We respond to student and staff feedback in order to improve college life
NewVIc 2020: Strategic Aims

Our Strategic Aims:

To be successful by

  • Becoming outstanding in everything that we do
  • Being in the top 10% of sixth forms nationally for student progress
  • Being the college of first choice for students and staff

To promote learning by

  • Offering personalised and challenging study programmes for students to prepare them for life, work and citizenship
  • Ensuring consistently excellent teaching and best practice in an inspiring learning environment, within an inclusive curriculum
  • Supporting and developing enquiring, skilled learners who are committed to continuous improvement

To develop our community by

  • Valuing diversity and advancing equality
  • Promoting citizenship and our shared principles
  • Making a positive contribution to our local community and economy