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Monitoring Progress

Working together to help your child learn, enjoy and achieve.

NewVIc values the contribution that parents and carers can make in supporting young people at the college. We offer many opportunities for you to engage with staff at the college and get involved in your child’s education.

Progress Reviews and Parents' Evenings

Tutors check on students’ progress throughout the year and there are key points where students review their progress with teachers and tutors.

At these progress reviews we look at attendance, behaviour, submission of work, marks/grades and progress towards the final qualification(s). We also look at personal development and see what extra-curricular activities the student is involved in, for example sports, leadership opportunities or volunteering.

We have two parent evenings that we will invite you to, in November and February. These events provide an opportunity for you and your son/daughter to discuss their progress with their tutor and ask any questions you may have. We print reports for you, which show grades and targets that have been set. Before the February parent evening we send a report to your home so that you have a chance to look at it before coming in.

We are in the process of setting up a parent portal which will enable you to have access through our website to key information about your son/daughter’s progress.

Personal Tutor

Every NewVIc student has a personal tutor who they see on a regular basis.

The tutor plays a key role in your child’s education. They will work together to plan your child’s learning and review his or her progress. They also offer support and guidance with other aspects of your child’s development, such as careers and extracurricular activities. If you would like to contact the college to discuss your child’s progress please call 020 7473 4110 and ask to speak to your child’s tutor.