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Selection Process

We usually invite to NewVIc a longlist of candidates. Usually, you will be given a briefing and a tour of the college, when there will be the opportunity to ask questions. We then use testing and other activities to help us select the shortlisted candidates.

The form of these assessments will vary according to the post, and may be written, practical, computer-based or oral. If preparation is expected, you will be given written details in advance. The results of these assessments, together with your original application, are then used to decide whether to shortlist you for interview. Interviews are usually on the same day but may occasionally be held on a later day.

The panel will be chaired by a senior manager. The rest of the panel will consist of other relevant managers. We try to represent different racial groups and more than one gender on the panel, but we cannot guarantee this. There are usually three or four panel members. For senior appointments, college governors will be involved.

During the interview, we ask the same main questions of each candidate. Panel members may ask additional questions arising from your initial responses. All questions will be relevant to the post and intended to allow you to show your suitability for the post. The members of the interview panel take notes during the interview to allow them to discuss candidates' responses in detail later on.

At the end of the interview you will be given the opportunity to add anything further in support of your application. There is another opportunity to ask questions if needed. Please don't feel obliged to add anything at this stage unless you wish to.

The panel makes its decision based on the evidence presented throughout the recruitment process with reference to the criteria in the person specification and job description. You will not normally be expected to wait after the interview. We will contact all interviewed candidates as soon as possible to inform them of the outcome of the interview.


If you are unsuccessful after interview, you will be able to request on your performance.

Please contact Human Resources to arrange this.