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Student Union

NewVIc Student Union 2017/18
NewVIc is proud to have a very active and engaging Student Union (SU). Every NewVIc student enrolled at college is automatically a member of the SU. The SU provides a year-long programme of exciting events, activities and opportunities that will further enhance your college experience.

The SU is managed by student executive officers who are voted in annually by NewVIc students and supported by the Student Development Team.

As an SU member you are entitled to:

  • join in organised social activities
  • stand for election to become an SU executive officer
  • apply for an NUS Extra Card for discounts
  • play an active part in welfare campaigns and learner voice activities

Student Voice

At NewVIc, students have many opportunities to make suggestions on how the college could improve further. Every student is welcome to put forward their ideas and share their views.

Student Leadership

We believe that developing leadership qualities will help prepare you for the rest of your life. That’s why we will encourage you to help shape what happens at the college. You’ll work on clear values, high standards as well as skills in effective communication, teamwork and change management.

At NewVIc you can:

  • become a student ambassador representing NewVIc at events
  • become a student representative on our Student Council where students and staff come together to talk and plan
  • stand for election as a Student Union Executive, where you will represent the interests, rights, views and needs of students at NewVIc
  • join our leadership programme
  • develop your critical thinking, leadership and organisational skills. Learn about serving the community by volunteering within the college or with local community-based organisations.