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We offer a range of opportunities for students to develop their leadership and confidence skills, this can include:

  • Student ambassadors: You can take a more active role in the college – getting involved in open days, events and other activities
  • Volunteering: Many students get involved in volunteer projects both in the college and in the community
  • Mentoring: We have a range of opportunities to mentor other NewVIc students and students from local schools. We also have projects that can train you as health advocates, advising your peers and raising awareness on health and wellbeing issues.

All these opportunities help to develop your skills and boost your university and job applications, or assist with other progression routes. Students can also record their extra-curricular activities to work towards the SFBac – a national sixth form award.

Learner Voice

NewVIc is proud to have a very active and engaging Student Union. Every student enrolled at the college is automatically a member of the SU.

The SU provides a year-long programme of innovative and exciting events, activities and opportunities that will further enhance your college experience. Every year the college holds elections for new SU executive officers. You can also get involved by becoming a student council representative or student governor. These roles ensure that students take an active part in shaping the college and making sure that the voice of students is heard.

Student Council

Representatives from each class meet with staff to pass on the views of their classmates. The council provides a direct channel for the student voice and ensures that the views of students are taken into account when developing the learning, the teaching and the college environment.