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What our parents say

Mrs C Owoeye (April 2017)
“It is a place of academic excellence, safe and supportive; the teachers are very committed as they work together with parents to make sure students achieve their goals. I highly recommend the college to anyone at any time!”

Daniel Baokye Weah (April 2017)
“This college looks after its students well and I do appreciate the direction in which the college is heading to: Well done Mr Playfair and your staff!”

Custodia Da Silva (April 2017)
“My son attended NewVIc and he was very happy and all the staff were very professional and encouraging. Thanks to everybody for helping our children achieve their potential”

Jordeyne Lake (elder sister) (April 2017)
" [This College has a] very good standard of education. My sister always reports on how much she enjoys her time here she has become very confident both academically and socially.”

Julia Stenley (April 2017)
“I would recommend NewVIc because my child’s experience has been fantastic and has had a great time here.”

Ali Liaqat (April 2017)
“I would recommend NewVIc because, according to my son, teachers are friendly and helpful, there is no student bullying, there is a good new library, the location is well connected, the environment is friendly and facilities are good.”

Franca Wills (April 2017)
“NewVIc is very supportive and encouraging. My daughter is very keen to study more since the excellent study facilities have been built in the new building.  Communication is very good – if any issues arise, the tutors are very prompt in informing either myself or my husband.”

Brian William Harris (April 2017)
“Dawn is well looked after and taught by the staff”

Marcia Campbell (April 2017)
“I would recommend NewVIc because there is good pastoral care; also they encourage the students to do their best. My two daughters have attended the college.”

Ms Cheryl Crombie (April 2017)
“I would recommend NewVIc because it is serious in its ambition to become an outstanding college of learning. Plans for the building to be transformed into an exciting hub for learning will support students and staff.”

Olwsegum Bankole (April 2017)
“It is a friendly college. The tutors are extremely helpful”

Momotaj Begum (April 2017)
“NewVIc is a successful learning environment which provides students with a good opportunity to achieve the best results possible. Also NewVIc provides great learning resources for its students.”

Mrs M A Morgan (April 2017)
“I would recommend NewVIc because it is long established and has experience behind it. The teachers are accessible and I get periodic reports about my child which enable me to nip any problems in the bud.

Beatrice Nyarko (April 2017)
l 2017)
“I would recommend NewVIc because the staff have the welfare and academic needs of the students at heart.”