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Staff Bulletin 01/11/2018

Parliamentary petition to increase college funding

A parliamentary petition has been launched to increase college funding to sustainable levels:

“We call on the Government to urgently increase college funding to sustainable levels, including immediate parity with recently announced increases to schools funding. This will give all students a fair chance, give college staff fair pay and provide the high-quality skills the country needs.”

“Funding for colleges has been cut by almost 30% from 2009 to 2019. A decade of almost continuous cuts and constant reforms have led to a significant reduction in the resources available for teaching and support for sixth formers in schools and colleges; potentially restricted course choice; fewer adults in learning; pressures on staff pay and workload, a growing population that is not able to acquire the skills the UK needs to secure prosperity post-Brexit.”

Please take a moment to read the petition (link below) and sign up to show your support for additional college funding.


A reminder that you give Reception details of any visitors via the Service Desk well in advance.  Calling or emailing with last minute visitor information can be easily overlooked. 

HR/Payroll system, Cintra IQ

Following on from the new HR System training, we are pleased to announce that we will be moving to the new HR/Payroll system, Cintra IQ, on Monday, 12 November 2018. Cintra iQ is also our new Self-Service system that is replacing Select HR. Going forward, this means payslips will now be available online and paper payslips will no longer be available.


An email with your username and password for you to access the Self-Service system will be sent to your work email on Friday, 9 November 2018.  Below is some information on the logging in process and a user guide will be sent to you on how to navigate the System before Friday 9 November 2018.


Logging in to Self-Service

After you have logged in to Self-Service for the very first time by entering your Username and Password, you are prompted to set up your password recovery information. This requires you to set up a series of security questions.

These questions are used by the system to identify you, in order for you to recover your password. Depending on how your system is set up, you may be reminded each time you log in to set up your security information until you have actually done so. Once set, after you have signed in to Self-Service, you can change the questions when necessary through the Settings menu.

Note: Upon the initial log in, you can choose not to be reminded again to set the questions.

The Security Questions themselves are standard security questions about memorable people and places in your life, phrased so that you can remember the answers easily.

If you have forgotten your password, you can recover it by clicking on the Forgotten Security Information? link on the Self-Service login page.


Things to look out for once logged in:

-          Are you able to view your payslip?

-          Are you able to see your personal details?

-          Are you able to view your absence?

-          Are you able to book holiday (for support staff on all-year-round employment contracts)?

-          Are you able to view your team’s holiday?

-          Are you able to view and amend your emergency contact details?

-          Are your details correct on the system?

-          Have you tried to access self-service on other devices (smart phones, tablets, iPads etc)

-          How are you getting on with the new system?


If you have any queries, please contact Tammy Arum or Anthony Johnson in the HR Team.

Interclass Volleyball


Level 2

L3 1A

L3 1B


Level 2





L3 1A





L3 1B

















Extended Diploma 2nd Yrs.





L3 1B





L3 1A





Level 2





The first Sports department interclass competition of the year took place on Tuesday and what a great event it was. With a new record attendance the atmosphere was electric in the build up to the first round of volleyball fixtures.

Games were competitive throughout and the eventual winners and stamping their authority and experience on the competition with 3 straight wins were the 2nd year extended diploma class.

Well done to everyone involved, participants and spectators, the department are already excited for the next event.



CoppaFeel! is a breast cancer awareness charity, on a mission to educate and remind young people to get to know theirs boobs in order to catch breast cancer early.

Almost 50,000 women and 400 men get diagnosed with breast cancer in the UK each year.  CoppaFeel!‘s mission is to make sure all breast cancers are diagnosed at the earliest stage possible, making treatments more effective and survival rates higher.

The sooner young people are educated about the signs and symptoms of breast cancer, the sooner they’ll be able to spot when something’s not right and be confident in seeking medical advice.

Their approach has proven successful at getting the attention of this younger audience and has given them the opportunity to talk light heartedly yet frankly about an issue that is often considered private or taboo.  This conversation is healthy and provides the much needed awareness that will encourage a lifelong, proactive habit. Intentions are not to alarm but to educate and empower so we can reduce the number of fatalities from this disease.

NewVIc have been lucky enough to secure a Boobette to visit us on Tuesday 13th November to provide the following:

  • Main Hall           10.40am – 11.20pm         Talk to tutor groups and interested students
  • Main Hall           11.45pm – 12.15pm         Talk to tutor groups and interested students
  • The Link              1.00pm – 2.00pm             Fund raising & awareness raising activities

If you would like your tutor group / class to attend one of the talks please register with Katie Harris  - THIS IS OPEN TO ALL CLASSES / TUTOR GROUPS ACROSS THE COLLEGE!!


Supporting information for UCAS references

Within a UCAS reference it’s also important to include information on students’ extra curricular activity, leadership, elite representation or student development activity.

If you would like to know what additional activities your tutees take part in during their time at NewVIc simply click on the ‘Activity Scan’ link on the bottom of their pro-monitor home page.

If any of your tutees are part of one of the College sports teams, Cricket & Basketball Academy or Sports Leadership Academy please contact Beth Harris for supporting information about their achievements.


Student Behaviour update

We have Clare Edmonson, a behaviour consultant, in college on Monday 5 November.   Her visit will inform planning for the November training day when behaviour will be a focus and she will be delivering training to staff. 

On Monday 5 November, she will be popping in to a variety of lessons for short periods and looking at student behaviour in the link and corridors as well.  There won’t be any individual feedback to staff as the short visits are to enable Clare to get a snapshot of student behaviour across the college.  Clare may be accompanied by a learning coach or manager when she comes around.

Clare’s visit is a part of supporting the college to manage and improve student behaviour.  She has already delivered some specialist training on de-escalation techniques to a group of staff in July which was very well received. 

Staff Survey

We ran a staff survey in the summer term last year and the detailed feedback attached. A big ‘thank you’ for taking part.

Questions were categorised under: my job; how you are managed; leadership and change; reward and recognition; career development; managing your workload; equal opportunities; communication; vision and values; and overall perceptions.

The response rate was 72%. However, there was a relatively high proportion of ‘neither agree nor disagree’ answers.

There were positive responses on understanding our values, job satisfaction and understanding how an individual’s work contributes to the team’s objectives. For instance:

I understand how my work contributes to the objectives of my department/team (90%);

I understand how my work contributes to the success of NewVIc (86%);

I understand the values of NewVIc (77%);

My work gives me a sense of personal accomplishment (76%).

However, when it comes to the link between the work of departments and the college’s strategic goals, and to the senior leadership, there appears to be a disconnect. For instance:

The rationale behind change is clearly communicated to staff (41%);

I have a clear understanding of NewVIc’s Development Plan and its impact on my team/department (42%).

Senior leaders are sufficiently visible in NewVIc (46%);

Senior leaders  provide effective strategic leadership (53%).

Staff Survey Results 2018

Admin Team Notice

Please note that class cover department have moved over to the new Learner Services Hub.  Notices will be placed on the door of the old room (C433/C426), and students can now find the team in the office at the front of the new Hub.  Cover work will no longer be printed out and instead will be emailed to them.  Please encourage your students to check their emails regularly so that they can get used to these changes.


Thank you


College Admin Team

HR Advisor Vacancy

HR Advisor - Vacancy

NewVIc site open to hire during evenings & weekends!

Did you know that the college site is available to be hired by external organisations during evenings and weekends when not in use by the college??


Please forward this link to partners / contacts far & wide.

NB: The College does not accept bookings for hire from any religious or political groups.
The College only hires to organisations (i.e. those with a defined legal status including private or public entities, charitable organisations and other similar bodies) not to private individuals. The Hirer must hold appropriate Public Liability Insurance cover in a minimum sum of £5 million for each and every claim and must indemnify the College for all claims arising from the Hire.


Schools liaison activities

Newham and out of borough schools attend MCS Projects Medical Careers Day

Year 9 and 10 students from Forest Gate Community School, Royal Docks Academy, Gladesmore Community School, Central Foundation Girls School and Bishop Stopford School attended the Medical Careers Day delivered by MCS Projects LTD, an organisation that aims to raise the aspirations of young people through their involvement in practical workshops designed to enrich students’ knowledge of science.

Students received a warm welcome to the College before they took part in four specific workshops:

  1. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation whereby students learnt CPR and recovery position in an emergency scenario using professional resuscitation dummies. A team of medical students also demonstrated how to assist a person who is choking using a jacket as a prop whereby a pellet would shoot out if the first aid procedure was performed correctly.  Students were then able to practice this procedure themselves.


  1. Diagnostics whereby students were asked to investigate and identify a case of the infectious disease tuberculosis (TB).  Through role plays students were shown blood being coughed on tissue and had to undertake simple professional tests, consider X-rays and scans in order to make a diagnosis.


  1. Anatomy whereby students learnt about how different parts of the brain control different aspects of the body via neurones and about voluntary and involuntary responses including fight and flight responses. To learn how this works students attached electrodes to their arms which were connected to chipboard and onto a plastic claw and when students made a fist, the plastic claw would do the same. This led onto students learning more about how prosthetics works.


  1. Medical ethics where students were asked to consider three real-life medical scenarios in which ethical questions have arisen. The medical students outline the four principles of Medical Ethics.  Students then discussed the issues and acted out each scenario through role plays


Medical students that have recently graduated as newly qualified junior doctors and some who are still completing their university studies delivered insightful presentations, offered top tips and advice, and answered a range of questions from school students. 

Each student received a certificate of participation from MSC Projects in collaboration with NewVIc. Students had positive experiences throughout the day and below are some feedback:


Over 80% of students felt the session was ‘very good’ 

‘A great day’

'Very well organised. Staff explained well, informative and interesting. Pupils enjoyed the experience'

Thank you to MSC Projects Ltd for delivering the workshops to local and out of borough schools.


NewVIc proudly welcomed Dr Shah Ali, an alumni from the first A-Level cohort in 1992, who returned to inspire students on Medical Careers Day

Dr Shah Ali, who was one of the first graduates of NewVIc from 1992, was also featured in the Newham Recorder to celebrate his results as the highest achieving student in the year.  He is a practicing medical professional in London specialising in children’s health, and dermatology and a leader for GP education and training, prescribing and clinical governance.

Dr Shah shared his journey to becoming a doctor during the recent medical careers day, which was attended by over 90 students across 7 secondary schools.  He spoke about his childhood, his travels to and from his home country, the limited careers advice he received at school and not knowing which subjects he needed to study to pursue his dreams.  His inspirational story highlighted the importance of hard work and self-belief, the two main factors that gives students the inner strength to pursue their aspirations.

Thank you to Dr Shah Ali for contributing to this well attended careers focused day and inspiring prospective students to pursue their ambitions.  



Bibire Baykeens shares her story with students on Medical Careers Day

Ex-student Bibire Baykeens, who acehived A*A*A in biology, maths and chemistry and recently completed her first year of Medicine at Plymouth University talked to students during the Medical Careers Day.

Bibire talked about what inspired her to pursue this career path and talked about never giving up and staying motivated. Bibire is a true example of a driven and motivated student whose story would no doubt have encouraged students to research careers into the medicine and health sector.

Thank you to Bibire Baykeens for her contribution and sharing her inspiring story.

Update on new Learner Support Hub

Refurbishment work on the vacated old  LRC space has almost been completed creating our new Learner Services Hub. The new area will accommodate: the skills centre, work related learning, welfare and youth safety, student finance, admin support, individual tutorials, student development activities and the reflection and faith room. A schedule for moving these teams / activities into this area will commence week commencing the 15/10 and take approximately one month to complete. Full access for students has been provisionally scheduled to start week commencing 12 November. More detailed guidance on how learners are expected to use these new spaces will be distributed in the coming weeks.

Safe Drive Stay Alive Trip – Taking bookings now for road safety event


We are delighted to confirm that we have been offered places at this academic years Safe Drive Stay Alive. We have taken students to this event for the last five years. Places are filling up already so speed is the key so we can book our places. Please can you confirm if you would like to bring your class to this event. Steven Kern will take care of all logistics, transport (by coach) and will do an information form for students. Staff do need to attend with their class. Students will have to leave their lesson early if they have a lesson from 12-1pm and will also miss their period 4 lesson. Details are:

Safe Drive Stay Alive Road Safety Show

Jo Richardson School, Gale St, Castle Green, Dagenham, Essex RM9 4UN

12.30 – 3.30pm, Thursday 7 February 2019


Safe Drive Stay Alive is a theatre education project which helps young drivers and passengers to explore the circumstances that can lead to a crash and the consequences that follow.

It aims to reduce the number of casualties among young people by questioning their behavior and attitude on the roads in an emotive and hard-hitting way. This innovative road safety campaign is aimed at young people in the London Boroughs, aged between 16 and 19, who may be new drivers, about to learn or have friends/family members that drive. Young drivers are more likely to be involved in a crash – often due to driving inexperience and a lack of understanding of the risks.

The show is produced by a road safety partnership including Met Police, TFL, London Ambulance Service and the London Fire Services.

If interested please email

Lesson observations in 18/19

Our lesson observation procedure has been amended and can be found here.
The observation cycle will open in w/c 29th October 2018 and will close in w/c 14th January 2019. 
Lesson observation reports will be completed online using our new software - Curriculum Observer.  

If you have any questions relating to lesson observations this academic year, please contact Sabahat or Magdalena.



Jack Petchey Awards – Double the amount of awards this year

This year we have been approved for an additional Gold scheme for the Jack Petchey Achievement Awards which means that we have 18 student awards and 2 staff awards to give out throughout the year.   Each student award comes with a £250 prize funding to spend on something of the winners choice that will benefit students at the college (for example, a piece of equipment, a day out for their tutor group or class, a specialist trainer to come in).  Each staff award means that we can apply for a £750 small grant to spend on something that will benefit students at the college.  This award schemes brings up to £6,000 into the college to spend on activities and equipment for the students. 

This year there will be 2 award winners in each award category, so double the chance for students to win, and the first three awards that you can nominate for are:


Award Category

Deadline date for nomination

 Outstanding contribution and dedication to sport

Friday 19th October 2018

 Student who is an outstanding role model and inspiration to others

Friday 9th November 2018

Student who has demonstrated outstanding dedication and leadership in the creative arts

 Friday 16th November 2018


You can also nominate a staff member for the Leaders award.  This award is for a staff/volunteer, who has, in an outstanding way, demonstrated an ability to encourage and motivate students.

The deadline date for the awards for outstanding contribution and dedication to sports is fast approaching (Friday 19th October). Do you know a student who deserves recognition for their commitment, contribution or dedication to sports? Then please nominate them

You need to write, convincingly, why you feel a student deserves to win the award; decisions are based on these statements. To nominate students, you need to sign into IVIc, click the Nrich button at the top of the IVIc page and then click on Jack Petchey Award. Scroll down the page to the table under ‘award categories and deadline dates’ and make sure you are clicking on the Nomination button for the right award category and then click ‘answer the questions’.

These awards recognise and reward efforts that often go unnoticed. The best thing about these awards are that they are led by young people which means all students, as well as staff, have the chance to nominate who they think deserve to win and students also help to pick the winners. Winners receive a certificate, a badge, membership of the JPF Achievers community and £250 to spend on something of their choice that will benefit students at the college. They are also invited to one of Jack Petchey's award ceremonies where they are congratulated on stage in front of friends and family.  Please do let your students know that they can also nominate their peers to win the award.


Looked after Children and Young Care Leavers

If any student discloses to you that they are not living with a parent, please ensure that you tell the Safeguarding & Welfare Team by emailing If you know the Local Authority (L.A.) they are under or have contact details of social workers, this would be very helpful. 

This young person could be a young care leaver or in care, or in private fostering or living independently or with members of extended family . We need to identify these young people so that we can support them to stay in education; they are a vulnerable group. We want to monitor their progress, ensure they know about the financial support to which they are entitled and access other means of support at college. We also have statutory duties towards Looked After Children and Care Leavers and every school or college has to have a designated person with responsibility for this group of children; at NewVIc this is the Safeguarding & Welfare team. We are required to report on the achievement, retention and destinations of these students to our governing body and to Ofsted. We are also required to work with local authorities and to attend termly Personal Education Plan (P.E.P.) meetings which monitor the student’s progress and college targets; these meetings are most effective for the young person if the tutor is present too, even if it is only for part of the meeting. 

If the young person tells you they are not living with a parent, or are in care, or have left care or are fostered or live independently or with members of extended family, please tell them you will pass this on to the Welfare team so that we can tell them about the support. Do not record this information on ProMonitor but email The team will then make contact with the young person and their LA so support is coordinated. 

What does being ‘looked after’ mean?

Being ‘looked after’ means that for some reason a young person can’t live with their own family and are being looked after by a local authority care services, in foster care or in residential care and monitored by a social worker. A young person could be cared for a short time while their family get some help to cope with a problem or a long time until they reach adulthood, which means the young person can't go home at all. The local authority care services work with the young person, their family and carers to do what is best for the young person and what they want for the future.

Who are Young Care Leavers?

Between the ages of sixteen to eighteen a young person who has been Looked After will be expected to begin the transition towards independent living to become a Young Care Leaver. They remain with their Foster Carers or they may move into supported lodgings or into a bedsit or flat depending on the provision available. From the age of sixteen they will be supported by their Local Authority Leaving Care Team.

Sports Reports 

Newham Cricketers enjoy Super 1s Finals Day

On Thursday 16th October The Newham Ability Camp representing Newham attended the Lords Taverners Super 1s Finals Day at Lords. The team were placed in the toughest group coming up against some very experienced cricketers including two England players. The team did not disgrace themselves and put on two good performances against the two strongest teams in their group and then closely losing their final game by just 2 runs. The standard in the competition was the highest ever and it was a great experience for them all.

After the Final, Lord Taverners hosted the Yearly Awards evening with Leanne Tansley winning the highly coveted Spirit of Cricket Award, being recognised for how well she supports others and how far she’s come in the past 12 months.

Well done to everyone who took part and for Lords who hosted it superbly yet again.



Men’s 1st XI continue undefeated league run!

NewVIc   5 v 4   St Dominics

On 31st October NewVIc  showed dominance with a 5-4 victory over St. Dominic's Sixth Form College

The NewVIc squad were excellent in the opening period with Hysaj opening the scoring after just six minutes before setting up Gomes for the second.

The Hysaj opener came after a free-kick was swung in from the right and cleared away by the St Dominic’s defence; Hysaj left alone in the box had time to fire it into the bottom corner from just outside the box 1-0 NewVIc.

Gomes then cut inside from the left and planted a curling effort onto the crossbar 2-0 NewVIc.

St Dominic turned the game on its head firing two quick goals in 5 minutes to make the game 2-2, however the NewVIc side continued to control possession and soon found another goal when Said whipped over a cross from the right-hand side towards the unmarked Singh at the back post who turned the ball home 3-2 NewVIc.

Halftime NewVIc    3 v 2   St. Dominic's Sixth Form College

At the start of the second half, however, St Dominic’s came out of the blocks quickly and pulled a goal back through their forward 3-3.

NewVIc’s Camara was then sent running through under pressure from St Dominic defence, struck a right-footed effort from inside the penalty area past St Dominic goalkeeper to make it 4-3.

St. Dominic's Sixth Form College tried to fight back but was overwhelmed by another counter attack goal by NewVIc’s forward line 5-3 NewVIc.

St Dominic’s pulled back a goal 5 minutes from time but its wasn’t enough to stop the NewVIc progression up the league!

Ability Counts Footballers leap into action.

On 31st October the NewVIc Ability Counts football squad kicked off their season in style competing in a Soccabilty football festival organised by Essex country FA with a number of other college in attendance.

Teams from Colchester, Barking, Lancaster School, Newham College & New City School played in friendly spirit with all abilities showcasing their talent.

Next up for the Ability counts football squad is the AoC Regional qualifiers on Friday 16th November winners of this tournament will qualify to represent London Region at AoC Sport National Championship in Nottingham in April 2019.


Basketball lads improve against tough opposition.

On 31st October the NewVIc Basketball Academy had their first home game to take on the West Thames College. Both teams showed immense determination to try and secure them a win through a very intense game which involved dunks and shots from a distance. This game wasn’t short of excitement as the NewVIc Basketball Academy was feeding of the crowd’s energy. With a very close game NewVIc fell short by just 4 points despite some neck & neck play and couldn’t secure the win. However the boys are using the loss to fuel them with energy in their next game.

First Half

As the first half started Menelik threw down a right hand dunk on a fast break when he stole the ball off the opponent to start off the game. This gave the team an immediate boost in energy to continue throughout the first half. The NewVIc Basketball Academy held the lead for both the first and second quarter, with fast paced plays and consecutive points as they started the game off with very high energy..

Second Half

In the second half the heads of the NewVIc boys started to fall as they lost the lead. As the starters came off the new first years came on the court. They were quite nervous which lead to turnovers and the lead was no longer theirs. Down the stretch of the last minutes of the game the hustle which the players displayed was undeniably inspiring. The team played with tenacity, defending their basket by sticking on to their man and trying to stop the other team from scoring. Players came out with injuries as they put their body on the line to put their team in the best position to get the win. The game was ended with the score 60 – 64 with NewVIc unfortunately losing after asserting their hard efforts.


Written by Basketball Academy member Nihat Ahcioglu

Street Games Youth Conference

Four of our leaders attended the Street Games Youth Conference at Westminster College during half term. This allowed leaders from a number of colleges & community organisations to discuss ideas and strategies on how we can engage more young people in to sport and how we can help our local communities.

The afternoon gave the leaders an opportunity to attend a variety of workshops and gain a qualification.

Well done to Nazia Akktar, Nehal Butt, Luke Tudor and Rahul Kainth for representing the College so professionally.


College Grassroots Hub Training

On Tuesday 16th October Malek Islam and Lucie Hunt travelled across to Wembley Stadium for the ECFA & AoC Sport Hub Training. The aim of the day was to share good practices from all the different football hubs on how we can promote football better in our colleges and communities and get more people playing. Lots of g reat ideas were shared and many discussions were had throughout the whole day with everyone leaving refreshed and ready to take football to another level.




Sports Leadership Academy members start their training and represent at National Level!

AoC Sport National This Girl Can Ambassadors

This year we have had two students selected to become NATIONAL This Girls Can Ambassadors!

Congratulations to Juliana Gbadebo and Abigail Lindsay! 

They were invited along to the This Girl Can training at Sir George Monoux on Thursday 18th October, during this training they found out all about the This Girl Can movement and how they could get involved and create or add value to an existing session. 

The girls’ main goal is to create an action plan outlining how they are going to engage more females in physical activity in college, monitor any participants engaged in existing or new sessions which they have helped planed.

Look out for our ‘This Girl Can’ sessions they will be informal, fun, relaxed and the focus will be on giving girls a positive experience in the right environment…. So watch this space! 

And if you see #TGCAmbassadors or a This Girl Can post on your Instagram, Twitter or Facebook give it a like or a re-tweet and help spread this amazing positive message!

Netballers get first challenging run out.


The NewVIc netball girls got their first run out this week with a cup game against St Dominic’s College.

Unfortunately due to volume of coursework a number of girls dropped out on the day, meaning the NewVIc players travelled to Harrow without even a full squad!

Despite this fact the 6 girls decided to face their very experienced opposition and challenge themselves to compete with a player down.

The St Dominic’s opposition were really supportive and knowing the NewVIc girls were on a losing streak before they’d walked on court, they supported & encouraged our girls’ development.

This was fantastic to see and really highlighted how well students from across the college sector recognise the #ThisGirlCan movement for empowered support.



Women’s first basketball game was intense from start to finish!

The ladies basketball squad had their first fixture of the season this week where they came up against Leyton Sixth Form College. This was always going to be a hard fought battle with Leyton having a full squad of 12 and NewVIc having 7 with a few girls changing plans last minute.

The NewVIc girls were enthusiastic to come out and show Leyton what they were made of; playing excellent defence and moving the ball well.

However Leyton had an advantage with rolling subs every 4 minutes kept their team fresh. 


The first game was a learning curve for the NewVIc girls, this showed them that they have to work harder in training, try get more team mates dedicated and continue to show our “never give up” attitude. They are determined more than ever to come back stronger, and look forward to their next fixture which will be the regional tournaments being held at UEL in November.