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Bringing the ancient world to East London

NewVIc launch partnership with King’s College London with an exclusive series of sessions bringing the ancient world to East London.

King’s College London and NewVIc present a bespoke series of exclusive sessions with leading Classics professors. The course is designed exclusively for students on the college’s Honours Programme and a limited number of gifted and talented Year 11 students in the borough.    

Classics are centred on the civilisation that developed so many concepts such as democracy and ideal beauty, and modern disciplines, from history to philosophy. Explore from earliest Greece to Rome and beyond, right up to the influence of Classics on modern history and current affairs.

Dr Ellen Adams
Senior Lecturer of Classics - King’s College London


The program will run over 8 sessions starting from Wednesday 31 October with 4 members of senior lecturers from King’s College London covering topics ranging from classical art and architecture, ancient religion, ancient history and the New Testament, Latin, Shakespeare and modern multilingualism.

I love everything about classics, especially the pantheon and ancient history, medieval times, the Roman empire and Shakespearian literature. I want to be part of the Classic programme to get more in depth knowledge of classical archaeology and how it reflects to what we might do at university.

Ameera Ismail
Honours and A Level Year 2 student

The Classics Programme has specially been put together to tie in with relevant A level subjects and encourage, inspire and engage young people in viewing Classics as a viable degree option. The course is, however, not only for those students interested in studying Classics at degree level but for anyone interested in exploring the links between the ancient and modern world and who wants to further develop their study skills.  

This is an exciting opportunity for our talented students from NewVIc and Newham Schools to learn about the Classical world. It is a fantastic opportunity to explore life at a Russell Group university; an exclusive programme only available at NewVIc. We are extremely lucky to be working with King’s College London to deliver these bespoke sessions.

Carina Ancell ​​​​​​
Curriculum Team Leader for Extended Studies, Newham Sixth Form College