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NewVIc Performing Arts students given invaluable advice from established film and music professionals

On June 6th the Production and performing Arts students presented their final film/video  projects to an industry panel made up of former NewVIc students Tom Smith-an award winning filmmaker who is studying a Masters in Film Directing, Shammi Pithia-a hugely acclaimed composer, producer and musician who hit the iTunes World Music Chart with his album and has performed at Glastonbury, The Purcell Room, Hayward Gallery and Sadler’s Wells and lastly James McClear – successful sound engineer; recording, mixing and mastering with artists notably at SSR, London Neve and S6 studio.

Level 3 Extended Diploma students were given an assignment entitled ‘The Island of East London’.  Students were asked to interpret the project title creatively to which their final film, their ideas, processes and reasoning were then presented to an audience including the industry panel.

Tom Smith, impressed by the students effort, said ‘’The work devised by the students showed me that the standard of the Media and Music subjects at NewVic are still as high as when I was a student. The students demonstrated creativity and their ability to use their talents to engage an audience.’’

First year students collaborated with each other, while the second year worked on individual projects.  Students like Richie Ekila have learnt to use EQ reverb and a range of sound processing techniques to make their work standout.  Richie said ‘’I spent time learning these techniques in order to enhance and add depth to my music and this project’’

Students were encouraged to study different techniques, Precious Ojo soon to be studying a BA (Hons) in Creative Musicianship, said ‘The project was challenging as I had to edit the video to a good standard, with basic understanding I watched tutorials to perfect my skills to reach the standard I wanted’

The project as well as interacting with panel of guests has cemented many of the students’ ambitions and future goals. Second year student Reynaldo Monument studying Production and Performing Arts said ‘I have learnt a range of new skills from song writing, rapping, singing to creative producing. This project was really enjoyable as I had artistic control over the project. Learning about the music business along with my growth in confidence has made me want to set up my record label and become a successful creative music producer.”

Tom said“one of the students that stood out for me was Reynaldo I was thoroughly impressed with the work that Reynaldo put into his presentation. He had great confidence in himself and his work which is always a plus when it comes to pitching ideas to potential collaborators in the future.’’

Rachel Bradbear NewVIc’s Creative Producer said ‘this project not only focused on cultivating creativity, but also tested their decision making and presentation skills of all students,  they have come a long away in their journey to reach the point of this public presentation and their achievements have been impressive’’.