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Awesome work experience celebration

Students, staff and employers came together to celebrate the Entry 2 students and their awesome work experience. The E2 students hosted the event and Principal Eddie Playfair was on hand to present them with their certificates.

Muhammad Haseeb, Beny Ntatu and Billy Mott did their work experience together in Tescos at Galleons Reach. They spoke about the different jobs they did: Hasseb stacked shelves and showed off his bulging biceps; Beny checked priducts hadn't run out and did the 'Running Man'; Billy was tidying up and adopted the name 'Billy Poppins'

Muhammad Haseeb, Beny Ntatu and Billy Mott

Alya Sheikh and Darnell Glen worked in the LRC. Darnell explained their duties including photcopying, helping students and taking money and joked "Where's our money?!" Alya spoke about the LRC staff they worked with including the 'famous Mr Rodney' but said "we almost never made it thanks to the slowest lift in the world." The famous Mr Rodney said "Alya and Darnell worked incredibly hard during their LRC work experience. They were helpful, outgoing and did lots of excellent work. They were a pleasure to have with us and we wish them all the best for the future."

Amina Muhidin and Tharin Ahmed did their work experience in the canteen over at Newham University Hospital. They described how much they enjoyed helping customers. Tharin told the audience how their manager Sebastian told them lots of jokes, but Amina pointed out "we all know I am the funny one." Looking at the broad grin on his face, it was clear to see how proud Sebastian was of his new protégés.

Cadidjatu Jalo worked in both the college canteen and with Hilary Blackburn as an Art and Design Technician. Cadi said "I learned many skills with Hilary. But I am already an artist!" Hilary described how Cadi had made a success of her work placement: "Some of the jobs she tackled included the more boring, such as sorting through equipment and media, through to stocktaking, in which she had a definite aptitude, and even some instruction with a student, showing and helping the student with some hand stitching techniques, which she did with great patience and perseverance."

Sabrin Isaja worked in the college canteen and spoke about how much he loved his job. He said "I felt like Mr Muscle with the cleaning bottle in one hand and the cloth in the other. Those tables were spotless mate!"

The students gave flowers to Jane Nugent who arranged their work experience and their teacher Annabelle Herring. Jane said "They all did so well and it was a pleasure working with Rahila [Najam, E2 tutor] and of course the E2 students.  They all made my job very easy with their commitment." Rahila enthused "it was a wonderful morning and I am soooooo proud of them. They did awesome!"