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NewVIc student Jaspreet Sagoo: Ranked fourth in the UK & fourth at the European Archery Festival

Former NewVIc student Jaspreet Sagoo studied BTEC Sports Coaching, Development and Fitness and is now a successful Olympic Archer, ranked fourth in the UK & fourth at the European Archery Festival.

Can you start by telling us a little more about yourself, before you came to NewVIc? Before coming to NewVic I always knew archery was my main interest even though I took part in netball, basketball and badminton after school clubs. Archery is such an independent sport that I needed something that would encourage me to more sociable; I feel that coming to NewVIc helped me continue to take part in all these sports including team sports.

Have you always studied in Newham?  Yes, I have always studied in Newham because. I didn’t want to travel far.  

Which school did you go to? I went to Langdon Secondary School.

What are you doing now? I have finished my degree at the University of East London and I am coaching in schools, giving archery training and competing.

When did you discover you had this talent? I first discovered I had this talent in archery when I was 15 years old. There was a convention that offered a variety of sports to girls from different schools in Newham. From then I started to go to the after school archery club once a week, then I joined an outside school club and became the Indoor London county champion within the first 5 months. I then continued and became the Outdoor London county champion within 9 months, and it just kept building from there.

When did you decide you wanted to study sport and be an athlete? Ever since I was young my teachers always told me and my parents that I was gifted and talented in sports. I always enjoyed taking part and I loved seeing my skills improve.

Could you briefly tell me your journey since you left NewVIc to where you are now? When I left NewVic, I went straight to the University of East London to study BSc Sports Coaching while also becoming a Sports Scholar in Archery.

What made you come to NewVIc? I came to NewVIc because, although close to home, the most important thing was that I really liked the course that was offered. I remember NewVIc was very welcoming and informative during open days and I was sold!

How did you find the teaching at NewVIc? Did it prepare you for your next educational step? While I was at NewVIc the teaching was good and this was obvious by my results at the end of the year. Towards the second and final year, the teachers prepared me and my class by helping us improve the quality our work. To me, most importantly, I learnt how to reference my work, which was handy later on.

Do you have any advice for anyone who would like to become a national class athlete? Firstly, don’t leave work until the last minute and always ask for help if you don’t understand something. Secondly schedule all your competition dates so you can plan in case you need time from college, for me this helped as I had time to get the support and flexibility I needed.

How often do you train? I now train 5 times a week plus competitions every other weekend.

Was this hard while studying? It was hard at the start but with the help of the Sports development officer, I managed my time by training in the early morning before lessons and after lessons. This allowed me to still attend all my lessons and for it to be benefit me.

Do you have a favourite quote? “You miss 100% of shots you don’t take” 

What motivates you?  Having the right support from friends and family, and also Archery GB, also always wanting to be the best I can be.


What do you aim to next? Your goals and future plans? My aims for the future are to win a medal in the Archery World Cup in 2019 and that will open up space for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. I also want to do my ((PGCE) teacher training.