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World-class theatre The Donmar Warehouse inspires NewVIc students in the meaning behind films and plays.  ​​​​​​​

NewVIc performing arts students were offered an exciting opportunity to participate in a workshop with Lynette Linton the Resident Assistant Director of the award winning theatre The Donmar Warehouse, which is the home for leading artists to make compelling theatre. A-level drama student Alexandra Morar said, “Director Lynette made the workshop really interactive with the tasks she set for us, it was challenging and so much fun at the same time”.

donmar warehouseThe two-hour intense workshop was linked to themes and ideas explored in Peter Gill’s, ‘The York Realist’ influential play about two young men who are in love and is a touching reflection on the rival forces of family, class and longing. Now in performance at the not-for-profit theatre in Covent Garden until the end of March.

Student Andrei-Cezar Sirbu, who is also studying A-level drama added, “It was very interesting to explore how in the past they often had to use encoded ways of communicating gay relationships”. The performing arts students that took part are now looking forward to travelling to The Donmar Warehouse to see the play.

The workshop was designed to give NewVIc students a unique insight into the process of theatre-making and interpret the messages behind visual arts and film. Annie John, Visual and Performing Arts Programme Team Manager said, “The workshop was an invaluable experience for the students. It helped to develop skills in textual analysis and questioned them to explore the importance of subtext in drama”.