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Bouygues UK welcomes NewVIc students to their Gascoigne Estate Project

NewVIc Engineering and Construction students had the tremendous opportunity to visit the Gascoigne Estate Project in Barking and Dagenham, which has already won an award for their phase one development. The regeneration is being delivered and led by a global group and a leading construction company in the UK, Bouygues UK.

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The site visit consisted of students being fully briefed by a senior member of the Bouygues UK team of the plans of the development. This estate which will now be known as Weavers Quarter will consist of eco-friendly, high quality and modern housing, parks, amenities and a new school. It has already installed renewable sources of energy as well as their own energy centre.    

Students also thoroughly enjoyed the first-hand experience of seeing the development in action as well as being some of the only few to get a close look at some of the completed phase of the new housing and communal areas.  

The guided tour also gave students the opportunity to ask many questions as well as hear many interesting facts about the project and the company, Bouygues UK, itself.  It was great to hear that Bouygues UK actively seek to employ local people for major local projects. Students are already considering the opportunities that have been presented to them.

According to one senior construction student, “the site visit not only complemented my knowledge and understanding of construction but also confirmed my interest and inspired me to actively pursue a career in construction”. Another student stated, “witnessing the work and hearing the opportunities presented by Bouygues UK goes to highlight the impressive work you can be part of, have the opportunity to travel the world and work in an industry that is in demand and always growing.”     

The person who provided the full briefing, guided tour as well as answers to our questions has also offered to visit the college to share more information with our students about the industry.